i-bet-me - Using Carecreds for less severe addictions

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Addiction is life damaging.

Yet preventing, curing or caring for addiction is depressingly difficult.

This confidential site provides a new Do-It-Yourself approach. Rather than pressurising

you to stop your addictions we simply ask you to challenge yourself to earn more and more

CareCreds each week.

CareCreds are awards we'll give you for telling us how well you've

 cared for yourself, your family and your community in the previous week.

CareCreds benefit even Heroin addiction. Within a few months of earning them,

75% of our severest addicts had regained control in their lives and 25% stopped

using opiates altogether. These good effects have persisted for years.

            Most people find that earning CareCreds is not only very  easy but also very 

enjoyable. As an added bonus high CareCred earners get personal rewards that

are more valuable than money such as repaired broken relationships,improved

handling of stress and increased feelings of self-worth.