What are CareCreds ?


       CareCreds are awards you’ll earn from us for recording how well you've cared for yourself, your family and your community during the previous week. Rather than someone nagging you to stop (which as you already know is worst than useless) this is a DIY approach to addiction.  You simply have to bet yourself that you will earn more and more CareCreds each week.

75% of our severest heroin addicts regained control of their lives and 25% stopped using opiates altogether, within a few months of accepting this challenge; good effects that have persisted for years. Furthermore most people have found earning CareCreds to be both easy and enjoyable. There is the added bonus that high CareCreds earners handle stress better, repair broken relationships, and generally feel proud of themselves. 




As a follow-up to the above we have done a quick analysis in February 2011, just two months after these Boots Card payments had been resumed. (See below) This suggests that CareCreds are conferring extra benefit over our usual clinical care. As can be seen, stopping paid vouchers resulted in a measure of relapse to just 75% street-clean before Christmas but since they were restored this proportion has risen back to 87 %. However relatively small numbers are involved and a larger series is needed to confirm the reality of these findings. It is for this reason that our CareCreds service is constructed to generate ongoing and potentially very large analyses and any clinicians wishing to use them should easily be able to find out if they are worthwhile within their service. In April 2012 we did a further follow-up to see how well patients have done one year after CareCreds was stopped. Two patients had died. One of a heart problem and the other committed suicide. Two had left the area and could not be traced. Of the remainder the results were gratifying in 75% remained street clean and under regular clinical care. Given that all these patients had such severe and disabling addiction we feel that these results were excellent.

NB Your CareCreds scores are shown as a percentage of the maximum you can earn. You can keep them completely confidential or share them as evidence of how well you are doing in tackling your problems.  

  We award CareCredits to incentivise patients into delaying in giving in to their cravings and for practising any caring behaviour that restores their natural self-respect and feelings of usefulness. (This has the added bonus of repairing the embarrassing damage done to their reputation and relationships helping them return to normal life with the support of friends and family).

Carecreds work by setting up a virtuous cycle which improves  Quality of Life and reduces  Stress thereby naturally repairing any physical damage done to mood control. Furthermore it reduces the need to retreat into lies and personality difficulties that so often accompanies having  Addictions.  This is why earning Carecreds and dealing with all these problems together is among best recorded ways of treating addiction.
  • Because CareCreds are administered in strict clinical confidence via our secure website, they can be tried by anyone. Patients can use the service without disclosing any more identity than their mobile phone and/or email. If they are severely affected by addiction and generally unmotivated, this service is best used alongside properly supervised clinical care. Their carers can then provide us with validation of any of their claims to have earned carecreds. If however they have hit rock bottom and have already developed consistent motivation to give up,  they can then try them on their own to reinforce recovery and provide self-validation.
  • They are also useful for the many people who do not have severe problems, so we have now built a new free App service where CareCreds can be earned  to simply lower stress levels and enhance meaningfulness in life.  This will assist in tackling expensive but mild addictions as well as reduce the frequency of  personality difficulties. Because we are a not-for-profit company we would welcome any voluntary donations to help subsidise treatment for those who are less motivated.


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