Complied by Dr Michael D'Souza MD on his retirement from General Practice in Spring 2011

A History of the CanburyMedical Centre Practice



Most medical history is concerned with the achievements of specialists and of large teaching hospitals. This celebrates General Practice and the 150 years since this General Practice partnership was started in Kingston Upon Thames.



The first traceable site of the practice was at “Elmside” in what was then 3 & 5 Richmond Rd but is now Clarence St; this had been the practice of the late Dr Ellis and was next door to a rival practice run by Dr Roots. It was here that Dr Edward Shirtliff in 1861 started this practice.  He then moved one house down to No 7 “ The Limes.”  Where it stayed till 1936. When the Kingston Empire Music Hall was opened in 1910, the surgery opened a branch in Dr Goodman’s own house 29 Kingston Hill, which is still standing. (See below).

29 Kingston Hill.jpg


Later in 1925 the branch surgery moved to 179 Richmond Rd on the corner of Bank Lane. In 1932, on Dr Goodman’s retirement the branch surgery again moved to 31 Pine Walk Surbiton. Then in 1938 the whole practice moved to one of Kingston’s first ever purpose-built GP surgeries at 153 London Road on the corner of Birkenhead Avenue designed by Dr Gould. This had an attached dispensary (and later two waiting rooms, one for private and one for NHS patients). Chickens were kept in the garden and there was a flat above where Dr Steer lived and his daughter was born there. After Dr Gould’s sudden death in 1954 sadly the remaining partners were unable to buy it from his estate and this surgery had to be sold. “The Domestic Appliances Approval Board” bought it and in 1956 the practice moved up Birkenhead Avenue, first to Dr Evans house at No 37 and then in 1963 to 9 & 11, where it became known as the “Birkenhead Centre”.  Dr Michael Buchan owned this building and after his tragic death, his wife Betty who was the niece of Leonard Woolf (husband of Virginia) became our landlady. In 1980 we moved to our second purpose-built premises “The Canbury Medical Centre” where we are now.  Betty sold 11 Birkenhead Avenue to the Conservative Party where Norman Lamont used it when he was Kingston’s MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer. (It has since been knocked down to build modern housing.)

  The partners and a local student architect designed the present Canbury Medical Centre building.  We deliberately gave it a domestic rather than hospital appearance to enable patients to feel welcome and more at home.  It was erected on the site of the former Elm Crescent that was quite an old part of Kingston.




Through the past 150 years there has run a strong thread of interest in research

The continuous line of partners is as follows:

1861 - 1891

Edward M Shirtliff (Founder)

1890 - 1893

E M Shirtliff and Roger Neville Goodman

1893 - 1894


1895 - 1899

Goodman and Arthur Mantell Daldy

1899 - 1905

Goodman, Daldy and John Griffith Owen

1905 - 1910

Goodman, Owen and Edward John Woolley

1911 - 1916

Goodman, Owen, Woolley and Herbert Rees Davies

1916 - 1925

Goodman, Woolley and Davies

1926 - 1927

Goodman and Davies

1927 - 1932

Goodman, Davies and Harold Utterton Gould

1932 - 1936

Davies, Gould and Richard Deane Robinson

1937 - 1952

Gould, Robinson and Albert Carruthers Riley

1953 - 1954

Gould, Robinson, Riley and Charles Steer

1954 - 1956

Robinson, Riley and Steer

1956 - 1959

Riley, Steer and Gwilym Evans

1960 - 1963

Riley and Evans

1963 -1972

Eric Michael Buchan & Patricia Jean Money

1972 - 1973

Buchan, Money and Josephine Boxer

1973 - 1974

Buchan, Boxer and Ian Gregg

1974 - 1975

Boxer, Gregg and David Ryland

1975 - 1976

Boxer, Gregg, Ryland and Michael Francis D'Souza

1976 - 1978

Boxer, Gregg, Ryland, D'Souza and Kane

1979 - 1982

Boxer, Gregg, D'Souza, Kane and Sean Robert Hilton

1982 - 1986

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane and Hilton

1987 - 1988

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, Hilton and Richard Draper

1989 - 1993

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, Hilton and Diana Hawker

1994 - 1995

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, (Hilton) and Richard Sharp

1995 - 1997

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, (Hilton), Sharp and Mary Lourdusamy

1997 -2002

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, (Hilton), Lourdusamy & Dhiren S Shah

           2002- 2004

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, (Hilton), Lourdusamy, Shah &        Isabel Rebollo

2004 - 2007

Boxer, D'Souza, Kane, (Hilton), Lourdusamy, Shah, Rebollo

& James Benton

          2009 - 2010

D'Souza, (Hilton) Lourdusamy, Shah, Benton, Catherine Ramsey & Nurse Practitioner Jane Goodwin

        2010 - 2011

D'Souza, Lourdusamy, Shah, Benton, Ramsey, Goodwin, plus Carol Barlin and Jane C.H. D’Souza  & Nurse Practitioner Corinne Mellor


Lourdusamy, Shah, Benton, Ramsey, Barlin, J D’Souza & Goodwin, Mellor, and Brian Thursby-Pelham and Neepa Thacker

Biographies of Past Partners


Dr Edward Matthew SHIRTLIFF JP MD (London & St Andrew’s)



Born 1837. The grandson of a Yorkshire physician. He studied at The London Hospital qualified in 1858.Then he graduated M.D. at St. Andrews. Founded his practice in 1861 in Elmside, Richmond Rd where a Dr Ellis had lived. The population of Kingston was then only 8000.  He became Medical Officer for Health and Borough Surgeon and in 1865 he started the new Kingston Provident Dispensary, which provided prepaid care for poorer Kingstonians. This was situated in the Apple Market. Among the other doctors working there was Mayor Finny. It grew to become one of the biggest in England. Dr Shirtliff published many medical letters such as "Case of embolism after Delivery" in Lancet and elsewhere.

Described as being a man of great tact and ability with a cheery bonhomie deservedly held in the highest esteem. Became ill and retired to Ryde, Isle of Wight where he was a JP.  Died of pneumonia 1900. His body was returned in a glass coffin for burial in Kingston.



Dr Roger Neville GOODMAN MD (Cambs & London) BA B Sc BA MA D.P.H. MB LRCP MRCS DPH  


St John's College, Cambridge. 1st Class Honors Natural Science Tripos. London and Brompton. Born 1863 Farming family connected with Oliver Cromwell.  As youth sailed round world and up the Amazon. Joined our practice 1882. Kingston Poor Dispensary.

Chairman, Board of Govs. Tiffin Girls. Helped preserved Lovekyn Chapel. Was made a Freeman of Borough of Kingston for services to education. Passionately interested in every aspect of life and discussed ever subject with interest and wisdom. He had an exceptional ability of clarity of judgment. He believed that General Practice offered the highest opportunities and rewards in serving the community and never for a moment regretted making it his life work. Died in July 1941



Dr Arthur Mantell DALDY MD (London) F.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. M.B.B.S



Guy’s London (First class honors in Obs. Medicine and Gold Medal in Medicine)

Worked in this practice from 1885 until he left in 1905 to become an Eye Specialist in Brighton. Served in the 1914-18 war as a Captain in RAMC. Active member of BMA and became Vice President of the Richmond Division. As a doctor had a high sense of duty and ethical standards. “ His unfailing kindness and gentleness endeared him to his patients and colleagues alike.” An able courteous and unassuming man he never sought the limelight. Died in Hove December 1946



Dr John Griffith OWEN MRCS LSA (London)


Born in 1892 in Ammanford Carmarthen, son of a wool mill owner. Studied at Charing Cross London from 1886. Joined Dr Shirtliff as an unqualified assistant while still at medical school. Qualified MRCS L.S.A in 1894. Joined Goodman and Daldy as partner in 1899. Described as a man of great kindness of heart- a great favourite with both his patients and associates. Caught flu and then pneumonia in 1916. Never properly recovered and died of heart failure in 1916 leaving a widow and three children.




Dr Edward John WOOLLEY MA MBBs MRCS LRCP (Cambs & London)


Qualified Cambridge and St Georges Hospital in 1893

Member B.M.A.

Joined this practice in 1905 Retired 1925

Died 1927

Dr Herbert Rees DAVIES MD

Joined this practice in 1910

Retired to Whyteleafe in Surrey in 1936 Tragically lost his doctor son in 1940 who was serving in the RAMC in the war.

Died 1948



Dr Harold Utterton GOULD MA MBBCH MRCS LRCP (Cambs & London)


Born in Worcester Park son of a QC. Qualified at Trinity Cambridge and St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1902. First entered General Practice in Shaftesbury Dorset where he became Medical Officer of Health and was elected Mayor of the town

Joined this practice in 1927 and deigned and built our first purpose-built premises for three doctors. Retired to Walton on Thames. Harold was a tall athletic oarsman who won the Colquhoun sculls and rowed for Leander. “…Was remarkably gentle in treating patients who quickly found that his seemingly off-hand manner masked a keen interest in their welfare” Died suddenly in April 1954 aged 78 yrs






Qualified at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1929.

Won the Wix Prize. Wrote papers e.g. “Spontaneous Pneumothorax” Was Junior Ass. Resident Children’s Hospital, St. Louis USA. Served as Hon. Med. Staff, Kingston.

Joined the partnership in 1933

Distinguished Service Cross awarded in 1944 for naval service on HMS Liverpool on convoys to Malta and Russia as an RNVR Surgeon Lieutenant commander.

Died of bowel cancer aged 48 yrs in 1955





Dr Albert Carruthers RILEY FRCS MBBS MRCS LRCP (Edinburgh & London)


Qualified at St Bartholomew’s Hospital 1929 F.R.C.S. Edinburgh 1932 Was Hon. Medical Officer Kingston Victoria Hospital

Joined this practice in 1937 Clinical assistant E.N.T. dept. Kingston Hospital

Surgeon Wimbledon General Hospital and Tonsils and Adenoids Clinic

Retired for General Practice in 1963 to consult privately from Bromley Mansions, Berrylands.

Moved to Little Spinney, Old Rectory Drive, Eastergate, Chichester Sussex

At above address




Dr Charles STEER MBBS MRCGP (London)




Born 1920 Son of a Rector in Hornchurch.   Qualified M.B.B.S. at Guy’s in 1938

Joined Irish Guards and fought in North Africa and Italy. Was wounded in leg. Awarded Croix de Guerre. Medical Officer Fred Banting Diabetic Home and

Clinical. Assistant in Dermatology at Kingston Hospital

Wrote many papers such as “Diverticular disease treated with corticotrophin” He was a founder member of the Royal College of GPs becoming MRCGP in 1957. After joining this practice in 1953 he found his senior partners was ill and he had to work very hard rarely finishing before 9.00 pm. His main hobby was to play Real Tennis at Hampton Court. Charles left the practice in 1959 to become one of the few Private General Practitioners in Kingston. He retired to live in the Isle of Man in 1977






Qualified M.B.B.S MRCS L.R.C.P. at Guy’s Hospital in 1954

Worked as House physician at Guys

Joined the practice in 1955. When the purpose built practice premises were sold the surgery moved to Dr Evans’ own house in Birkenhead Avenue. Wrote papers

“Fusion of Labia minora” BMJ 712 1961

Died tragically 1964






Born in Berlin.  Escaped Nazi Germany to England in 1939. Unable to speak English

Worked for 5 yrs in Pharmaceutical research then Did National Service in RAF

Qualified 1955 at Charing Cross Hospital. Earned his MRCP in1972

Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics at the West Middlesex Hospital

ENT at Charing Cross Hospital. Did Obstetrics & Gynaecology and was Medical Registrar at Acton Hospital. Joined this practice in 1963 when Dr Evans left. He was among the first to attach Health visitors and baby clinics to general practice. Michael was an exceptionally gifted and caring doctor much loved by his patients and colleagues. “ he was the kind of man one could always turn to for help” Died tragically aged 45 yrs in December  23 1973.




Dr Patricia Jean MONEY   MB BS D Obstetrics RCOG MRCGP (London)

Born in Gloucester in 1936. Royal Free School of Medicine London Married architect husband Mike. In 1963, joined Dr Michael Buchan. She had two daughters, Caroline (also now a GP and trained at the Royal Free) and Alison a teacher. In 1973 moved to Wiltshire, where Pat eventually became senior partner in the Adcroft surgery, in Trowbridge. She retired in March 1994. Died of ovarian cancer 2011 aged 74.


 Dr Josephine Celia BOXER MBBS (London) MRCS LRCP D Obst RCOG




Qualified at Royal Free Hospital Medical School in 1968.  She joined the practice in 1972 and after the death of Dr Buchan remained to become our longest serving Senior Partner. She had a particular interest in women’s problems and infant welfare. And in the early 1970s set up our baby Clinic with its Health Visitor attachments. She was a long-serving Member of the LMC. Member of the Obstetric Committee. Member of the Steering Committees for Mental Health (Adult and Children) Member of the District Ethical Committee. Member of the District Medical Committee. She saw the practice through many changes and difficult times and after her retirement in 2009 she has begun to recruit for a Patient Group to help the practice.






Dr Gregg.jpg


Qualified at Wadham College Oxford and Westminster Hospital London Entered Roehampton General Practice 1958   & was also Registrar at Westminster Hospital Chest Clinic. Ian was a leading GP researcher in asthma. He published Normal tables for Peak Flow Meters in 1964 and showed that Rhinoviruses were the most likely respiratory viruses to trigger asthma attacks. He won the BMA Charles Hasting Prize on three occasions. He started with Dr Boxer and Ryland the Extra-mural Dept of Clinical Epidemiology of Brompton /Cardiothoracic Institute and in this practice. Ian was its Director and an Honorary Consultant at the Brompton before going to Southampton in 1982 as Senior Research Fellow in The Department Primary Medical Care. Ian died in 2009




David John RYLAND MB BS, LRCP MRCS, (London) MRCP, MRCGP, Cert.Med.Ed




Qualified at Guy’s Hospital in 1967 HO Guy’s (New Cross) and Bolingbroke hosp. 1968-72      Royal Brompton – deputy RMO, Research asst Cardiothoracic institute.

1972-3 Trainee of Dr Mike Buchan. Joined as a partner in1973. GP trainer 1977-78.

1978 –2009 moved to the Todmorden group practice where the (later notorious) Dr Harold Shipman had been dismissed in 1975, for drug abuse.

1981-88 GP trainer and 1992 -2003 Post grad GP tutor Calderdale. Nurse Practitioner trainer, PCT multi-discipline courses organiser. Retired in 2009. Now part-time student at university of Salford, reading Portuguese. Interests: Medical education, lung disease, hearts, and psychological medicine. Non-medical interests: - Village life in the Pennines, Music, and Reading. Married Georgina, a sister at Brompton, and later Health Visitor; After her tragic death, married Fiona, his first GP trainee at Kingston!  Both children went to Oxford University. Died 2012.



Dr Michael Francis D’SOUZA MD (London) FRCGP FFPHM MBBS MRCS LRCP Dip clin immunol dip clin dermatol SMMGP (PT 1)


Mike D'S.jpg



Qualified at Guy’s Hospital in 1966 MBBS MRCS LRCP ECFMG. Editor Guy’s Gazette. HO Guy’s Worked in Qatar & Abu Dhabi. Lecturer at Brompton & St Thomas’s.  Got MD demonstrating that Health check-ups had little value. Joined the practice in 1975. GP tutor 1978 -2005 Hon Senior Lecturer Research Unit of General Practice 1989. Wrote papers on Allergy, Screening, and Deafness etc. In 1991 he wrote the Dr Mike Thorburn column for the Daily Mirror. Chairman and joint instigator of Kingston Multifund (First NHS fund holding GP consortium). Sat on ACRA advising the Secretary of State on the fairest NHS funding formula. Researched value of giving Class A Addicts incentives to stop. Hobbies include Poetry, History, Archeology and Badminton.  Retired 2011.




Judith Anne KANE MBBS (London)




Trained at St George’s Medical School and qualified in 1968. Joined the practice in 1974 as a Trainee and Research Fellow and became a partner in 1976 when we acquired the list of patients owned by Drs Stringer and Chalker. Judy did research and wrote papers on the management of hypertension. She was a lecturer in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology. Judy was a GP trainer and was very involved with education. She helps select Medical Students for St George’s. Kingston consultant colleagues and She has produced many joint Christmas shows together with our colleagues in Kingston Hospital.





Professor Sean Hilton


He trained at St George’s Medical School and qualified in 1974.  Following this he has worked in Paediatrics and Pathology.  He joined this practice in 1979. Part time academic posts at Cardiothoracic institute 1979-83 and then St. George’s from 1987. His research interests have been in asthma, Medical education, professional development and new technology in general practice. Became Professor of General Practice at St. George’s, University of London 1993; subsequently holding posts as Dean of Undergraduate Medicine 1996-2002; Vice-Principal, Teaching and Learning 2004-2007; Deputy Principal 2007-2011. National Chairman, Society of Academic Primary Care 1998-2001. President, Academy of Medical Educators 2011-14. He has been a marathon runner and captained the Doctors against the Lawyers at Cricket. He enjoys a wide range of music









Qualified in Birmingham 1981 Medical Officer/ Flying Doctor Turks and Caicos Islands Anaesthetics Rotation Magill Department of Anaesthetics Westminster Hospital

Registrar Psychiatry Priory Hospital Roehampton. Joined this practice in 1987. Left to become a Partner Oxshott Medical Practice in 1989 Medical Author Patient UK and WebMentor Library School Medical Officer Reeds School and Danes Hill School Oxshott Sitting in the dugout with other Chelsea FC doctors!

Varied medical interests- a confirmed generalist. Is an enthusiastic member of the local community.




Dr Diana Judith Lucy HAWKER MA (Cambs & London) MBBS DCh MRCGP




Qualified from Cambridge University and King's College Hospital, London in 1984

Trainee in the practice and appointed partner in 1989. Left in 1994 when husband, Simon Hammans, became a Consultant Neurologist in Chichester. Became a partner at Emsworth surgery, Hants 1995-2001 Career break to raise children but now retraining as GP in Emsworth.  Her main medical interests are in Dermatology and Child Health

She enjoys walking, tennis and music. Diana sings in many amateur and semi-professional choirs, and plays the piano. She is also treasurer of a charity project which is building a library in rural Kenya




Dr Geoffrey Mark SHARP MA MBBS (Cambs & London) , DRCOG, DCH, MRCGP



Qualified at Cambridge & St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School in 1987.

Joined the Practice, as a partner in 1994. Geoff was the lead partner in extending the building of Canbury Medical Centre 1995. He succumbed to the draw of the west country to bring up 3 children and continue his GP career. PEC Chair Mendip PCT, 2005-07 Board member WyvernHealth.Com GP consortium for Somerset 2008-2010, GP PEC member NHS Somerset 2007 Medical Officer, St.John’s Ambulance. Interests; Rugby (retired aged 41), football (still going aged 53), cricket, squash and golf.  Road running, cycling, coastal walking, travelling.




Mary Lourdusamy.jpg



Mary has many doctors in her family. She qualified in 1983 at the prestigious Madras Medical School in India. Mary came to England where she had extensive hospital experience gaining her MRCP at University College Hospital and DGM.  She was a Trainee in the practice before being made a partner in 1994.  She has wide medical interests and has taken the lead in organizing the care of Diabetes, Neurology and Cardiovascular disease. She is a GP trainer and will become Senior partner in 2011. She also participates in providing joint cover in the local Thames Clinic Detox Unit.




Best Dhiren.jpg



Dhiren qualified at St George’s Medical School in 1993. He did obstetrics and got his DRCOG. He joined the practice in 1997.  Dhiren has taken a special interest in Musculoskeletal problems and practices Acupuncture. He has taken the lead for the practice in the Doctor’s Chambers a consortium of local practices providing


Dr Isabel REBOLLO LMS FRCS (Glasgow) DCH



Isabel was born and qualified the University of Cantabria in Spain in 1986. Came to UK and worked orthopaedic surgery and gained her FRCS from Glasgow and in Paediatrics where she gained her DCH. She did her General practice training in this practice in 1998 and returned as a partner in 2002. She had a special interest in orthopaedics, Paediatrics and psychiatry. Being an FRCS she provided the practice with a very high quality of minor surgery. Isabel was an accomplished photographer and recorded many of the practices celebrations and Christmas parties. In 2009 she returned to Spain where she is now working.




Dr James BENTON MB ChB (Sheffield) MRCGP DCH DRCOG DFFP dip clin dermatol.



Qualified in Sheffield Medical School in 1995. James also did his GP training in this practice then in 2003 went briefly into general practice in Cheltenham before returning as a partner in 2004. James has worked extensively on rational prescribing and sits on the Medicines Management Committee, which has achieved valuable savings for the local health economy. He is working in Kingston hospital as a Clinical Assistant in Dermatology and takes the lead on the management of Skin Disease in the practice. He sits on the LMC. He has also been very involved in care of Substance Abuse, providing joint cover in the local Thames Clinic Detox Unit.




Dr Catherine Anne RAMSEY MBBS (Newcastle) MRCP MRCGP

catherine Ramsey.jpg


Originally from Ballymena Northern Ireland. She won a Duke of Edinburgh Gold award at school. She trained at Newcastle University, graduating with distinction in 2002. She then continued to work in Newcastle and obtained membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 2005. She passed the Royal College of General Practitioners membership examinations with distinction, and joined Canbury Medical Centre in 2008 as a partner.  She specializes in Family planning and Child Health. She is the mother of two young boys, so now works part-time.





Nurse PRACTITIONER Jane GOODWN RGN (Manchester) BSc (hons) MSc

Jane Goodwin.jpg



Qualified Registered General nurse at the Manchester Royal Infirmary in 1993.  1995 I worked at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Moved to Wolverhampton in 1996 and completed the Ophthalmic Nursing. In 1998 Jane moved to Kingston Hospital REU. In 2000 she did a B Sc in Community Nursing – Practice Nursing, passing with first class honours.  She then worked as a practice nurse in Epsom. Completing  the Asthma diploma, breast and cervical screening and Minor Illness and Injury courses and Independent Nurse Prescribing. In 2005 she got an MSc in Advanced Nurse Practitioning set up and still runs a community ophthalmic clinic for a GP commissioning group in Epsom.  Jane joined the practice as its first Nurse Practitioner in 2008. In 2009 – she completed an M Sc in Glaucoma at Manchester University.







Corinne qualified SEN in Cheltenham in 1981. She had to leave due to ill health and from 1990 started working in Lloyds TSB bank rising to become a Branch Manager by 2001. She then re-entered nursing and re-trained at Kingston Hospital.  She did her Nurse Practitioner degree at London Southbank after which worked as a nurse practitioner in Battersea. She joined the practice in 2010 is now a highly valued member of our team.




Carol Ann BARLIN MB BCh (Witwatersrand)




Carol was the daughter of a GP in South Africa and qualified in 1969 at Witwatersrand. She formed the Howard Rd practice with Jane D’Souza in 1978 in a small purpose-built practice designed by her architect husband David Natus. Carol has taken a special interest in Diabetes and worked as a Clinical Assistant at Kingston Hospital. She and Jane D’Souza have a large following of devoted if now slightly aging patients.




Dr Jane Celia Hopton D’SOUZA MBBS (London) DA



Jane qualified at The London Hospital Medical School in 1969. She then worked in paediatrics and anaesthetics gaining her DA in 1971. She joined a practice in Sidcup but left to come to Kingston when her husband Michael joined this practice in 1975. In 1978 she joined Dr Barlin in the Howard Rd Practice in Surbiton until it merged with this practice in 2010.








Qualified at UMDS of Guy's and St. Thomas's 1997 Medical Rotation Royal Surrey County Hospital/St George’s Hospital Tooting, Oncology Royal Marsden Hospital,

Renal Transplant Unit, St George’s Hospital, GP VTS Brighton

Brian spent fours working in Ireland and on his return became a partner in 2011. His interests are: Paediatrics, Oncology/palliative care, Renal Medicine. And his hobbies include- running, cycling, surfing and music.








Qualified at Imperial College London in 2004. After completing her hospital jobs she in trained in this practice and then went on to be a salaried partner before taking over as a full partner in 2011 when Dr Michael D’Souza retired. Neepa is an all-rounder with a special interest in women’s health.





0Maureen Kay.jpg



Maureen qualified as SRN in 1956 at The Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford. Together with her colleague Tania Davidson-Houston she provided the practice with nursing of exceptional skill and devotion for over 25yrs and continued to do so after Tania’s tragic premature death. Maureen joined the practice in 1975 and was always selfless and willing to work long hours. She had great skill in Chest medicine, which she had first exercised on her own family. Treating her son Paul who suffered from severe cystic fibrosis when the family was posted to North Borneo. (Paul subsequently has had a heart-lung transplant and has fathered his own family) She was persuaded to stay on long after her due date of retirement but she eventually left in 2001 and is still missed by everyone who knew her.






The whole population of Kingston upon Thames when the practice started in 1861 was about 8000. We now care in this practice alone for nearly 15000. It is largely situated in Social Class 2 owner-occupied housing although there is fair proportion from the Council estates. Kingston is an old market town, which once had a major aircraft industry building the Hurricanes that fought in the Battle of Britain and the jump jets that went to the Falklands war. It is now transformed to a major shopping centre and commuter dormitory town.  It has a university and some light industry but the majority of local employment is in service industries and professions.  The army has a barracks close by and we look after the wives and children there.

Our oldest patient officially opened the present practice building in May 1980.  It was extended and refurbished in 1997.

The chronology of new technology and service changes introduced into the Kingston Practice


1862    Dr Shirtliff MOH for Kingston helps run the Provident Dispensary in pre-Kingston Hospital days

1888    Carbolic - Sterilisation of instruments

1950s   ECG

1972    PEFR & Vitalograph for asthma

1973    Health Visitor, Practice Nurse, Midwife Attachments, Baby Clinics, First Trainee.

1974    Audiograms, Allergy Skin tests, Minor surgery

1974    Punch-card computers for research

1976    Pioneered Fish-tank pump nebulizers for asthma care, GP tutoring.

1980    Commodore PET Personal computers to measure depression. Two  GP registrars.

1981    Practice counselor attachment

1986    Clinical Psychologist attachments

1992    Dieticians, CPNs

1996    Social worker

1990s   Fax machines

1993     Pioneered GP Cooperatives for commissioning NHS funds. The Kingston Multifund starts in the practice.

1996    AIM the Association of Independent Multifunds (31) started by us and teleconferenced from the practice.

1997    e-mail becomes more regularly used by us.

1998    Websites & Intranet

1998    Cryosurgery Acupuncture

1999    Pioneered Derma clinic telemedicine. Touch screens



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