What Ruins Quality of Life?

Health and Wellbeing are threatened by:
 (After Labonte and Bently)
Risk Conditions: Poverty; Low Social Status; Dangerous Environments; Discrimination; Poor Education; Unemployment; Steep power hierarchy; Gaps/weaknesses in services and support
Physiological Risks: High Blood pressure; High Cholesterol; Stress hormones; Anxiety/ Depression
Behavioural Risks: Smoking; Poor Diet; Lack of Activity; Substance abuse
Psycho-Social Risks: Isolation; Lack of social support; Low self-esteem; High self-blame; Low perceived power; Loss of meaning/purpose of life


What has helped to avoid this and put things right?

 Useful Social and public interventions

1 Hygiene, Sewage and Clean air

2 Surgery

3 Immunisation

4 Clinical medicine and antibiotics

5 Life style changes


Hopeful new measures are now in sight

1 Stem cell organ replacement

2 Genetic and epigenetic therapies

3 Community promotion to reduce stress 



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