Clinician strategy in Class A addiction

" A treatment for Addiction of proven benefit."

All patients already in the scheme can Earn 5 CareCreds by completing our Research Form 



We suggest that the severity of addiction should determine the level of funding required


LEVEL A - Adrift - Chaotic use of Class A  Need Carecreds that are funded by others 


LEVEL BBetter not injecting and accepting medical substitutes Need a partially self-funded service


LEVEL C Clean of All Class A street drugs  Need A Self-funded service.

Below is Sarah in long-term recovery with her toddler called  Summer 

- After being helped by using Carecreds View their story




Helping your Addiction

How Carecreds work

        It's understandable if you have become desperate to find anything that really helps relieve addiction.  Whether you are trying to deal with your own problems or are in need of something that will really help others, then you will already have discovered how often this condition produces despair.
The reasons for failure are surprising. Although everyone, including one side of every patient, assumes that anyone "suffering" from addiction must want to escape, the truth is for most of the time they don't. This is because addiction operates by taking over the very mechanism of motivation. And it does this to such an extent that many addicts, even when doing themselves great damage, cannot see any better (or more enjoyable) alternative than to carry on using.
The other reason is perhaps even more surprising, namely that there are more effective treatments which just are not being used. These treatments are incentive schemes which reward actions that reverse the damage that addiction does to motivation. These have now accumulated over fifty years years  scientific evidence of working. Indeed they are so effective that they are recommended by the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). Sadly however, they are only rarely used in the UK. CareCreds, our own very comprehensive incentive scheme, has been found to help most patients with severe heroin addiction and has been producing better results than anything else we have seen reported elswhere. Yet we have had a long struggle to get any public funding to continue providing it. This is because of there is now widespread prejudice against treating addiction as clinically damaged motivation. Instead, despite its futility, politicians and the public, prefer to continue investing huge ammounts of money into punishing it as a moral deviation. It is this attitude that overrides our pragmatic need to provide effective help for these patients who can become so extremely ill.
In an attempt to circumvent these moral objections we have now developed a new incentive scheme called DIY CareCreds which we also believe will be a great improvement due to it being self-directed. The infantilizing effect of being "rescued" or being "treated" by another person is thus eliminated. Participants self-validate their success at earning CareCred incentives to reduce their stress. Abandoning their addiction is just an additional bonus rather than a prerequisite. Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, now everyone who wants help to manage their own moderately severe addiction can try Carecreds also even patients with milder forms of addiction are welcome to try this DIY scheme. 
We know that the most severe suffers will not have any motivation to even start helping themselves. Fortunately Carecreds was originally designed just for these patients.  So if you are giving futile support to someone who is throwing their life away on addiction and are in search of a new way forward, you are welcome to try giving them some of your financial assistance in the form of CareCreds.  They can then become proud of earning most of this back for you.  However because this approach involves you in validating how much they are earning it risks being counterproductive. Therefore we recommend that you should only try this supervised form of CareCreds for a short time i.e. for about nine months. Most responders will by then have lowered their stress enough to recover their motivation and we hope want to complete their escape with DIY CareCreds. Due to a further sum of money given to us by the Kingston Strategic Partnership for Drugs and alcohol we will shortly be offering some Kingston patients nine month courses of supervised funded Carecreds and will be seeing how many then progress to self-fund and supervise themselves as they progress to recovery. The results will be published on this site. 
Please  Contact us now if you are a patient or a clinician friend or relative interested to trying this new treatment.

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