Dr Michael D'Souza's Career and Publications



Qualifications: MD FRCGP FFPHM MRCS LRCP M.B.B.S. E.C.F.M.G Dip Clinical Immunology Dip Clinical Dermatology Dip SMMGP Pt 1 FRSA

Current Posts

1993- Chairman & Founder of TORCHE Clinical Consultancy Ltd.

(Total Outcome Responsive Community & Healthcare Enterprises) - a not for profit company.

1996- Member of (RAG) Resource Allocations Group - now renamed (ACRA) Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (to Sec of State)

2009 Project Director Contingency Management Scheme for Class A addicts

2011 Chair of the Community Working Group of “One Norbiton”



12 G.C.E. Ordinary Level Passes

 5. A Level Passes Greek, Latin, Ancient History, Physics & Chemistry 

1966-1989 M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (1966 Guy’s Hospital) M.B.B.S. E.C.F.M.G.

Diploma in Immunology 1971 (Brompton Hospital)

M.R.C.G.P. 1976   F.R.C.G.P

M.D. (1979 London) (The value of General Health Check-ups)

M.F.C.M. F.F.C.M. F.F.P.H.M.

Elected FRSA (2002)

Diploma in Clinical Dermatology 2004

SMMGP Pt 1 Certificate in the Management of Drug Misuse 2008

Appraisal training;

Quality Outcomes Framework training

Clinical Dermatology: (London Hospital)

Master class in Mental Health.

Managing Drug Misuse

Learned society membership

Osler Society (1966)

Royal Society of Medicine (1971)

Society of Social Medicine (1972)

British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (1985)

Elected Fellow of the RSA (1999


1960-1966 Medical Student -Guy’s Hospital Medical School

1962 Company Director Hillbrow Caravans Ltd.

1965 Editor of Guy’s Gazette

1966 House Physician - Guy’s Hospital (General Medicine and Venereology) - Dr.J.C.Houston (Dean of Guy’s)

1967 House Surgeon - Farnborough, Kent (General Surgery)

1967 House Physician - Farnborough, Kent (Paediatrics and Dermatology)

1968 General Practice - Locum Services

1969 Sen. House Physician - Brook Hospital (General Medicine & Geriatrics)

1970 Medical Officer - Iraq Petroleum Company Qatar & Abu Dhabi (Arabian Gulf)

1970-1972 Clinical Lecturer - Dept. Clinical immunology, Cardiothoracic Institute - Prof.Jack Pepys

1972-82  Lecturer & Hon. Senior. Registrar – Dept Community Medicine St Thomas’s Prof W Holland

1975- Part-time principal in General Practice Kingston - Dr Boxer & Partners

1979- Appointed Trainer in General Practice & GP Tutor

1985- University of London Tutor for Kingston

1993- Recognized Teacher in Community Medicine at the University of London

1982-90 Hon. Senior Research Fellow Dept. Community Medicine St.Thomas’s Hospital - Prof.Walter Holland

1975-82 Lecturer in Epidemiology in General Practice Cardiothoracic Inst.- Dr.Ian Gregg

1983-90 Research Fellow - St.George’s Hosp., Dept. General Practice & Dept. Clinical Epidemiology and Social Medicine) - Prof. Paul Freeling & Prof. Ross. Anderson

1983-1989 Senior Lecturer and Head of Unit of General practice Cardiothoracic Inst. Brompton Hospital

1986 Member of Kingston and Esher District Health Authority

1989 Reappointed to Kingston District Health Authority

1989 Appointed to Quality Assurance Committee of DHA

1990 Appointed University of London Tutor in General Practice for Kingston.

1990 Appointed Medical Correspondent: Sunday People

1991 Appointed Medical Correspondent to the Daily Mirror

1992-96 Elected first Chairman of Kingston & Richmond Multifund,

1994-98 Founder and Chairman of AIM (Association of Independent Multifunds) 1995-98 Careholding (Total Fund holding)

1998-99 President AIM (Association of Independent Multifunds)

2002 APD Appraiser in General Practice later PCT appraiser

For Kingston PCT

2004 Quality Outcomes Framework Inspector Kingston PCT

2003 Caldicott Guardian

2008 Senior Partner - Canbury Medical Centre. Retired 2011

Other Hospital Experience: Locum duties in Thoracic Surgery (Guy’s Hospital), Cardiology (Brompton Hospital), Paediatrics (Guy’s Hospital), Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Guy’s Hospital)


Over thirty years of Epidemiological and Primary care research in wide range of areas including: Allergy, Chest disease; Multi-phasic screening, Hypertension, Deafness, Depression, Substance misuse, Rhinitis and Dermatology. Current interests include developing outcome tools. Health credits to encourage patient participation.  Helical Home streets- new designs for urban environments.

Non-medical research in Homeric geography. See Odysseus Fund Raising

I have raised approximately £500,000 for research from a variety of source including LORS Regional grant, Kingston Borough National Asthma Campaign and different pharmaceutical companies.

Specialist and advisory experience

Visiting consultant on allergic problems to the Kuwait Government 1972.

Since 1996 I have been a member of (RAG) Resource Allocations Group - now renamed (ACRA) Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation This advises the Secretary of State on how to allocate all government monies devoted to health.

Political experience

As Chairman of the Association of Independent Multifunds and in other contexts I have had dealings with political leaders of the BMA, RCN, RCGP, NAPCG & Alliance. I have also had a number of personal meetings with John Major, Stephen Dorrell, Alan Milburn, Chris Smith, Peter Mandleson, Frank Dobson, Tessa Jowell, Baroness Jay, Ed Davey and a number of NHS & Treasury Senior Civil servants.

Teaching experience

Since 1970, postgraduate lecturing in respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases at the Brompton and elsewhere. Tutor on fellowship course for research in general practice at Guys and St. Thomas’s. RCGP tutor. Trainer/registrar course organiser since 1989.

Conference presentations

Visiting lecturer to Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1975 and 1978).  Presented paper on Screening at the International Congress of Epidemiology Puerto Rico (1976).

“The once & future Hypertensive” Paper in Iceland (1977).

Keynote Speaker, North American Primary Care Research Group, Banff, Canada (1983).

Invited Critical Discussant at International Conference on Implementation of Preventative Services, Montreal, Canada (1987).

Member of the first British Epidemiological Mission to China (1992).

1992 I gave lectures in Beijing, Kunming, and Shanghai.

What do health professionals want beyond 2000? 1997 Europe Blanche XVIII Madrid and again invited to XXI Helsinki 1999. Numerous one day presentation sessions in UK on a variety of subjects.

Helical Home Streets- Presentation to the Healthy Cities conference RCP London 2002

Sporting and other activities

Qatar National Mixed Doubles Badminton Champion 1970.

Regular badminton player and occasional Tennis & Cricket player. 

Sedentary interests include History and Poetry & Computers.

Patents & Publications

Peer Review Articles

Chapter of Books


Invited Articles

Abstracts & Letters

Patents and Publications

Patent Title: Thymometer 1998, GB2318712 A 19980429.

Patent Title: Measuring physiological data and identifying persons 1999, GB2332969 A 19990707.

Peer Review Articles

  1. Generalised Lymphoedema with Yellow Nails, Pleural Effusions and Macroglobulinaemia (sole author), Proc. Royal Soc. Medicin 1970; p.456
  2. Hyposensitization with Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus in House Dust Allergy: A controlled Study of Clinical and Immunological Effects (first author), Clin.Allergy 1973; 2: p.177-193.
  3. Clinical and Immunological Responses to Enzymes of Bacillus Subtilis in Factory Workers and Consumers (joint author), Clin.Allergy 1973; 3: p.143-160.
  4. Five-Year Follow-up of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (joint author) American Review of Respiratory Disease 1973: 108: p.450-459.
  5. An Analysis of Skin Prick Test Reactions in 656 Asthmatic Patients (joint author) Thorax 1975; 30: p.2-8.
  6. The Drop-Out Problems and the Effectiveness of Population treatment of Raised Blood Pressure (joint author) Pathophysiology and Management of Arterial Hypertension - Proceedings of a Conference in Copenhagen, 1975 Sahlgrenska, Goteborg, Sweden.
  7. Deafness in Middle Age - How Big is the Problem? (first author) J. Royal. College of General Practitioners 1975; 25: p.472-478.
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  26. Comparative review of the effects of inhaled beclomethasone diproprionate and budesonide on bone (sole author) Respiratory Medicine 1998 92 (Suppl B), 24-36
  27. A comparison of the systemic effects of three inhaled corticosteroids on bone metabolism and hypothalamic axis in patients with asthma. MF D’Souza, R. Eastell, I. Stevenson and P Barnes. Thorax (in Press)
  28. Substance Misuse Services in Primary Heaith Care C.White, C  Kouimtsidis/ MD’Souza, H Freeman, M Grau,V Saunders, T Toosey/ A Trompetas, M Wake, J Annan & H  Ghodse* Drugs: education, prevention and policy, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2002 

Chapters of Books

  1. Early Diagnosis and Multiphasic Screening (sole author) "Recent Advances in Community Medicine" 1978 Ed. A.E.Bennett, Churchill Livingstone.
  2. The Use of the Controlled Trial to Measure New Health Care Systems (sole author) "Measurement of Levels of Health" 1978 W.H.O. I.E.A. book.
  3. Screening for All - Excellence or Extravagance? (sole author) "Topics in Occupational Health". 1979 John Wright.
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  6. How Can I Prevent Disease or Disability? (sole author) "Epidemiology in General Practice" 1988 Ed. D.Morrell, Oxford Medical Press.


General Health Screening - an Assessment of its Value in Middle Age 1979 London University M.D. Thesis.

Medicine in International Cooperation, Hodgkin Memorial Symposium Guy's 1967 M.E. Pembrey and M.F. D'Souza, Joint Editors and Publishers.

An introduction to community medicine 1983 C. du V. Florey P. Burney M. D'Souza E. Scrivens and P. West, Churchill Livingstone.

Invited Articles

  1. Editor, Guy's Hospital Gazette, 1965-66.
  2. Epidemiology of Allergy in Kuwait (first author) Report to Kuwait Government 1972.
  3. Practical Problems in Long-Term Research (first author) Annual Report of the Social Medicine and Health Services Research Unit, St.Thomas's Hospital 1973-74.
  4. A General review of Current Established Screening Procedures (sole author) Health Bulletin 1976; 18: p.54-57.
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  7. If Only You'd Come Sooner (sole author) World Medicine June 1978.
  8. A Conscience about Time and Money (sole author) General Practitioner August 1979.
  9. The Once and Future Hypertensive (sole author) Hypertension in Primary Care 1980 Occasional Paper 12, Royal College of General Practitioners.
  10. The General Practitioner's Role in Identifying the Needs of the Disabled (joint author), Proceedings of the Naidex Conference 1980.
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  22. Screening - Pulse 1997
  23. Why AIM? Journal of Fundholding

  24.   What do health professionals want beyond 2000? Careholding in the UK (.Sole Author) 1997 Europe BlancheXVIII p100-107

Abstracts and Letters

  1. “Puffs per Aerosol” (joint author) B.M.J. 1972; 1: p.177.
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  3. Measurement of Blood Pressure (first author) B.M.J. 1976; p.814-815.
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  14. Dermatology Opinions via Intranet could reduce waiting times. (Letter) BMJ 1999; 318: p.737. MF D’Souza et al
  15. Dermaclinic: preliminary triage by GP Specialoids? (Letter) Br J Gen Pract 2000; 50: 238.and MF D’Souza et al
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