Our ABC Classification of Class A addiction Severity
Use as a simple way of categorising starting and follow-up severity in evaluating all our services 

Adrift: Doing major self/social damage by injection or chaotic use of Class A and/or other street drugs Using DIRTY/ Shared needles = Ad;

Using CLEAN needles= Ac.  

Better / Semi-stable; No evidence of injecting and accepting substitutes but still often using street drugs on top.

Clean of Street Drugs:  Stable Class A street clean Stable on variable dose of substitute medication
Detoxing : Undergoing a Home or Clinic DETOX
Escaping : Post-Detox.  Undergoing Rehab/Relapse Surveillance
Free:  Reintegrating into Society : either at Work (FW)  Parenting (FP) in Training (FT)  or Job Seeking (FJS) Retired (FR) 


Other outcomes:
Gone away: Died of Drug use (GDD) Died of Other cause (GDO) or Left the area (GL)  

Hung up: No improvement in CareCred Score after Nine months. Judged to be stuck scheme stopped but surveillance continued.

Qualified: Remained free of Class A for Nine Months or more. Scheme stopped and certificate issued but surveillance continued.



                          CONTINUOUS SEVERITY GRADING

As an integral part of the clinical recording of Carecred earnings, ECBC classifies the severity of each patient's starting grade as well as any subsequent changes. Thus our service can provide data to commissioning groups which will allow them to compare the clinical performances of all their commissioned treatment organisations with each other and  with other services elsewhere. Our feedback to clinicians will both audit their own performances and clarify which patients are not benefiting from the scheme. Our use of mobile phone follow-up linked to rewards is a key feature of our being able to track the outcome patients who are so often itinerant.

Click here to download Coop Card explaining the CareCred scheme

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