Quick Tips to reduce Stress & Craving
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We all know what it is to feel stressed but often find it difficult to define. Sometimes the same thing that was once an exciting challenge now turns into a stressful ordeal. Like having stage fright when once we anticipated triumph we now dread failure. It seems that our consciousness mind is constantly hoping for a happy future  but then our bad genes or bad luck threaten these expectations. This is stress. This is an unpleasant feeling. Stress hormones like steroids and adrenalin rise. If chronic, or very acute, we can actually damage our automatic control systems with unfortunate consequences. We become anxious, low or irritable. We have disturbed energy, sleep and appetite. We lose our empathy, concentration and memory. Furthermore to experience all this is in itself stressful so stress causes stress in a vicious cycle. Not surprisingly this may result in...
Social Misery
Personality Problems
Substance Abuse 

This page will contain useful information for patents suffering with stress and addiction. It will also provide a blog for patients to add comments and useful ideas for others.
  • Most addictions are acquired because they provide a marginal relief (Dopamine reward) to self-treat stress or boredom and then become compulsive.
  • Because they quickly build  from psychological cues and/or altered moods, emergency action is needed at the very onset of craving.
  • Banning things e.g. diets have been found to make matters worse because this brings to mind the very thing you should not be thinking about.
  • The rapid eye movement in healthy sleep may help sort out persistently troubling memories. So doing this deliberately while awake may also help.
  • But delaying giving in to addictions, even for a few minutes, can buy time and stop relapse and is an effective way of preventing recurrent long binges.
  • These binges become self-reinforcing compulsions i.e. the more you do it, the easier it is to do it next time. Fortunately the same applies to good habits.
Listed below are some ideas on what might work- please send me better suggestions you may have that we might test. 
Cigarette Craving 
  • Quick Sweaty Exercise (See below)
  • Then use Instant Yoga and or Home EDMR (See Below)
  • If still craving apply a 24 hr nicotine patch
  • If still craving take Valerian  (10 grammes immediately.If necessary Two hours later another 5 grammes)  


 Alcohol Craving 

  • Quick Sweaty Exercise (See below)
  • Then use Instant Yoga and or Home EDMR. (See Below) 
  • Baclofen  20mg immediately.If necessary Two hours later another 10mgs
  • Valerian 10gms – 5gms to 2gms


Food Craving

  • Quick Sweaty Exercise (See below)
  • For Chocholics allow a square of strong (70%+)pure chocolate- but keep this at the top of house so you need to climb the stairs to reach it.
  • Then use Instant Yoga and or Home EDMR. (See Below) 
  • Drink a cup of instant Black coffee 
  • Then eat a diet chocolate one bar 
General Slimming Advice
  • Use a smaller plate for all meals
  • But do not Diet or get over hungry
  • Eat meals regularly. Never avoid breakfast
  • Eat low fat dairy products like yoghurts
  • Avoid tempting your appetite with colourful foods
  • Eat food averaging 1 Calorie/Gram for most of your meals 
  • Take lean meat e.g. ham for breakfast to reduce craving
  • Eat Soups at at lunch
  • Eat less Snacks. If you do snack make them low calorie.
  • Move more e.g. always climb stairs
  • Do regular sweaty exercise 


  • Quick Sweaty Exercise (See below)
  • Then use Instant Yoga and or Home EDMR. (See Below) 
  • Punch a pillow twenty times


Boredom busting

  • Quick Sweaty Exercise (See below)
  • Then use Instant Yoga and or Home EDMR. (See Below)
  • Listen to loud music


General Relaxation 

Indian Head Massage

Download technique below (NB Giving and/or Receiving this will earn a Carecred)


Hold on a Minute

1. Tell yourself sensibly, in a calm adult way that you will be able to wait a minute.

2. Record your heart rate for six seconds

3 Then take a slow deep breath in through your nose counting up  to twelve at a normal rate.

4.Then breathe out slowly through your nose counting up to twelve again relaxing your shoulders.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 while relaxing your jaw.

6. Blink hard.  With your eyes shut recall your favorite peaceful place- its sounds, its perfume and its warmth. Finally imagine your present surroundings are turning into this place.

7. Re-record your heart rate for six seconds.

8. If it is not lower repeat the above until it is.


* Count your pulse with your index finger at the root of your thumb for six seconds.

   Multiply what you get by ten to find your heart rate per minute.


 Quick sweaty exercise

  1. Either immediately walk up and down a flight of stairs three times or
  2. Do twenty step ups on a stool or box


Home EMDR for gradual treatment of Stressful thinking

  1. Hold up both index fingers a foot away in front of your eyes.
  2. Do not attempt to think away from what is worrying you
  3. Gaze first at the left finger then quicky switch to the right
  4. Switch back repeatedly thirty times then stop.
  5. Repeat as required.


Click here to download quicktips file

All massage releases calming Oxytocin Click here to Download Indian Head Massage Technique

Download a RESCALE relaxation leaflet

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