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Use is free for for ALL clinicians but if Vouchers are to be provided it will cost PCTs/Consortia £195 per patient p.a.

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* Once registered you can freely try this scheme and issue our Official Congratulation Certificates after filling in the earnings and signing them yourself*. However for your patients to receive vouchers your Consortium, PCT or other Authority will have to contact us and provide the funding. We feel a Bronze, Silver award, Gold award, depend on the number CareCreds earned (see Certificates) but we also have an account to issue cards such as the Boots Gift Cards where earnings can be logged at 50p per CareCred. As we are a not for profit organisation we will only need 10% of the allocation per patient to cover our management costs.
We will email you when you have been accepted as a validated Cinician you may then enter as many patients as you wish using the brief entry and follow-up forms. N.B. You need to record your email address each time to identify that they are your patients.To use Carecreds it is helpful to have a supply of urine dip tests which may be a separate cost, failing this  urines may be sent to your local lab. It is also helpful to have an arrangement to prescribe subsidised exercise at a local gym and to have the full range of stress reducing psychotherapy services. It would be very helpful if you gave us feedback and comment on how might improve our service.