The Pause Technique

Charles Darwin cured his addiction to tobacco by avoiding  using it immediately. He achieved this by always putting his supply at the top of his house. Then, instead of making it more desirable, like a forbidden fruit, he said to himself, "you can still have it, all you'll have to do is climb up the stairs to get it."

The craving we experience in addiction is due to the current chemical state in our brains: in time this always reduces naturally. The exercise and the delay in climbing the stairs gave time for Darwin's craving to subside and enabled it him to get cured naturally.

This is the reason that everyone is helped by avoiding having supplies of whatever they're addicted to about their person or even in their house. 

"Hold on a minute" below is an additional simple exercise you can also try to help take your mind off things while you delay and it will earn you CareCreds.


Hold on a Minute

1. Tell yourself, sensibly, in a calm adult way, that you can wait at least a minute

2.Walk for six steps or find  your heart rate (by taking your pulse with your index finger at the root of your thumb) then count  SIX pulses.

3. Now take a slow deep breath in through your nose repeating the above steps or counts

4. Hold this breath doing the same  

5.Breath out slowly again doing the same

6.Now repeat while relaxing your shoulders

7.Finally repeat relaxing your jaw instead.

8. Now Blink hard.  While your eyes are shut, recall your favorite peaceful place, all its sounds, its perfume and its warmth. 

Finally imagine your present surroundings are turning into this place. Now decide to stay in this peaceful Adult Frame of mind 


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